order helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; line-height: normal;”>Chef Kevin Tetz is a Red Seal/Journeyman Chef, whose passion for cooking began as a child, cooking his first Thanksgiving Dinner at just 8 years old.

1958424_1048629645184015_485106521020682016_n“After cooking in Fine Dining Restaurants and Resorts all over Western Canada and catering for events, friends and family; I decided to start my own Personal Chef business. In January 2008 I started Executive Chef and became a member of the Personal Chef Alliance.  Since then I have worked for numerous clients, including promotional packages for high profile companies”.

“Today, I work hard to give my clients a truly unique dining experience; and create meals with all the love and attention I give the meals I prepare for my own friends and family”.

 13151728_1071316772915302_4474512379187148962_nNow Chef Kevin Tetz has taken his Executive Chef Services business to the next level with the Boreal Bistro.   Located downtown Prince Albert, The Boreal Bistro is helping revitalize downtown and treat the city to some fantastic food.    Open for breakfast, lunch and supper  the Boreal Bistro serves comfort food kicked up a notch.  With Executive Chef Services you always had the great food, now you have a destination to go to to enjoy that amazing food anytime you want.